Kyle censored in heated on-air clash

Kyle Sandilands was censored on air this morning during a heated debate about Indigenous Australians.

The shock jock clashed with The Kyle & Jackie O Show newsreader Brooklyn Ross when discussing the Indigenous Voice to parliament – a proposed body comprising of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who can advise the Australian government on matters relating to the social, spiritual and economic wellbeing of their people.

Lengthy portions of Sandilands’ rant were censored but the following arguments made the airwaves.

“We have to actually give [Indigenous Australians] money and look after them,” said Ross to which Sandilands replied: “Nah, bulls**t!”

“How about educating people and giving people the chance to build their own life like the rest of us did?” he suggested.

Sandilands is staunchly against the initiative as he doesn’t believe a reported $34 billion in funds should be allocated to Indigenous Australians as the money wasn’t having a positive affect.

“No one’s really putting all that $34 billion into fixing the real problem. They’re painting houses and giving them this and that,” Sandilands added, before mocking: “’We’ll rename Fraser Island!’”

He also went on to criticise Welcome to Country traditions – a speech typically given at significant events by an elder or custodian to welcome visitors to their traditional country. However, in recent times, it has been adopted in everyday life.

“Look, The Project’s thanking people from the past [for] using their land. These things, they’re s**t!” he said. “No one’s better than anyone else. If they’re treated worse, that’s an issue.”

Co-host Jackie “O” Henderson, who sat in silence for the most part, agreed with that part of Sandilands outburst.

“Thank you, Jackie. Jackie’s finally popped up,” he sarcastically called listeners, before telling her: “I understand you don’t want to get involved in it.”

Rightfully so, said Ross who made Henderson laugh when he said: “[An] angry man and a gay man arguing. And both of us white!”

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