I’m 64 and love rocking a bikini – people can’t believe how hot I look

A WOMAN in her 60s is still rocking a bikini and people can’t believe how good she looks.

Harrah Brown is 64 and still looks phenomenal in a tiny bikini which she showed off on TikTok.

Harrah Brown is still rocking a bikini at 64 and people can't get over how good she looks


Harrah Brown is still rocking a bikini at 64 and people can’t get over how good she looksCredit: Tiktok – @harrahbrown
She revealed her top workout to achieve her body


She revealed her top workout to achieve her bodyCredit: Tiktok – @harrahbrown

In the short clip, Harrah could be seen having her ‘Bond Girl’ moment.

She stepped out of the swimming pool shaking her blonde locks while wearing a daring pale blue two-piece bikini.

While many of us still feel self-conscious getting our kit off in public, Harrah oozes confidence.

And she revealed her body was all thanks to one type of workout – resistance training.

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In the clip, she penned: “My version of 64.”

“We each have free will to live our lives as we wish. It feels good to be healthy, strong and fit at this age.

“When I started resistance training Sept. 2020, I was weak and had no energy or stamina. Not anymore,” she captioned the post.

She used the hashtags, over50andfabulous, aginggracefully,  and bikiniseason.

And the clip of the fabulous 60-year-old posted to her account @harrahbrown soon went viral with over 96k views and over 4,000 likes.

In another clip, Harrah revealed she always aims for 120 grams of protein and doesn’t eat any food after dinner to achieve her incredible physic.

She also revealed that ‘fun’ meals like burgers and pizza were reserved for going out with family and friends and keeping a healthy diet while eating at home.

People were in awe of her body and confidence and took to the comments to praise how good she looked.

One person wrote: “My gosh, gorgeous.”

Another commented: “GOALS!!! I hope to look like this.”

“Blimey that’s good for 64,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “You look amazing.”

“Wow wow and wow amazing,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: “Fabulous! You look beautiful.”

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