Fifi Box dating a “hot dad” she met on the school run

Fifi Box has revealed she has a new man in her life and she couldn’t be happier.

The radio presenter updated her relationship status on air this morning during her Hit breakfast show Fifi, Fev & Nick, announcing to co-hosts Brendan “Fev” Fevola and Nick Cody that she is officially off the market.

“I do have some news. I’m in a relationship! I’m not single anymore!” she said.

The mother-of-two revealed that she first developed a crush om him when she spotted him at school pick-up at her 10-year-old daughter Trixie’s school and they would make eye contact on the school run every now and again.

“I don’t get crushes very often but a guy piqued my interest,” she recalled. “And he was one of the guys at school pick up. We called him ‘hot dad.’ I could ascertain he’s a single dad.”

Box said she couldn’t find the courage to approach him until one fateful day at the park when her youngest daughter, Daisy, was throwing a tantrum.

“I couldn’t figure out how to speak to him. I have my daughter Daisy to thank for that,” she recalled. “She threw the mother of all tantrums, she hadn’t slept, she turned it on.”

“I think I was dragging her across the playground thinking it’s so embarrassing and I looked up at him and he was laughing his head off.”

She said that helped to break the ice and now she’s “officially off the market!”

Although, she did not reveals more details, she did say his name was Rocky.

Box also admitted the secret nearly came out earlier this year during a previous radio segment.

“It nearly came out during our Lie Detector segment,” she explained. “We had to beep it out.”

Box typically keeps her relationships out of the public eye. Her most public romance was with ex-iron man star Grant Kenny, who she dated in 2011. They split the following year and months later Box announced she was pregnant.

At the time, she did not reveal the identity of her baby’s father until years later, when she confirmed it was in fact Kenny.

The media personality then welcomed her second daughter via IVF and an anonymous sperm donor.

Box was most recently linked to Neighbours star Damien Richardson, but their two-year relationship ended in 2018.

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