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Since the appearance of the first trailer, barbie- 88% It has given a lot to talk about due to the aesthetics of the sets and the pink costumes, the theme to be developed, the cast, the soundtrack and all the trends that it has triggered on social networks. Numerous references also stood out in the trailers. Although some of these are subtle, they suggest that the film will return to many elements that have been present in the doll’s career. Such is the case of a tenuous but clear mockery of the bratz From MGA Entertainment: Barbie’s Most Famous Selling Enemies. Easily recognizable by their extremely thin build and disproportionately large head, these dolls made a significant presence in the business by targeting an audience of almost adolescent girls.

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They appeared in the early 2000s, when the world began to evolve very quickly. With the integration of new technologies into daily life, it seemed that childhoods were shorter and they had lost interest in playing with dolls dressed in pink. In those years, Barbie’s sales dropped considerably and for the first time its position as number one in the market was threatened.

Barbie advertising showed her as an adult practicing different professions, from teaching to skating. Whereas, in her advertising, the Bratz were girls with a good sense of fashion, who went to malls, had boyfriends, and went to school. Each had their own personality and style, as well as racial diversity. This background turned out to be more attractive and close to girls who considered themselves a bit older, and who aspired to be part of the changing world around them.

In such a way that Barbie seemed to be aimed at an audience of younger girls. For its part, Bratz was a much cooler and more interesting product for those who were approaching adolescence, but its aesthetic, with all those colors, glitters and fabrics of various textures, also interested younger girls. Barbie’s popularity declined like never before.

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For that reason, Mattel decided to launch the My scene line, which were dolls curiously very similar to Bratz. Although she kept the average height of a barbie, her clothing style was much more contemporary and fashionista, and her hairstyles were more extravagant. My scene, imitating Bratz, had ethnic diversity, in a clear attempt to regain its presence in the toy market.

bratz dolls
bratz dolls

In a scene from the movie Barbie, which has already been advanced in a trailer, four teenagers appear with the same physical characteristics as the four main Bratz: Yasmin, Chloe, Sasha and Jade. One of them says: “we haven’t played with a Barbie doll since we were 5 years old”. The decision of Greta Gerwigdirector of the film, to silently mock this line of dolls, is justified by the competition between Mattel and MGA Entertainment years ago, until Bratz gradually disappeared, while Barbie and the color pink have recovered the popularity they enjoyed in their best years.

Bratz in the Barbie movie
Bratz in the Barbie movie

Throughout its history, Barbie has adapted to different trends and due to its films, commemorative editions and its involvement in social networks, the Mattel doll remains current.

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