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Bron, the Canadian study within great feature films such as Joker – Bron, the Canadian studio behind Joker and Licorice Pizza, files for bankruptcy - The USA Print91%, Gucci house – 73%, Licorice Pizza – Bron, the Canadian studio behind Joker and Licorice Pizza, files for bankruptcy - The USA Print100%, The mule – 75% and many others, officially filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday, as reported by Variety. Bron Studios was founded in 2010 by Aaron L. Gilbert and brenda gilbertwith Aaron L. serving as president and chief executive officer of the company. Bron Studios is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, and they also have an office in Los Angeles, California.

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Bron Studios has been known for producing and co-producing a variety of movies and television shows. They have been involved in projects of different genres, from dramas to comedies, and have worked with talented directors and actors in the industry. Aaron L. Gilbert released the news through a statement on July 19, citing the COVID-19 pandemic and the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes as the main reasons for the company’s downfall (via Variety):

Having explored many options over many months, BRON had no choice but to take this step in light of his financial circumstances. The past few years have been incredibly difficult for BRON, and things have only gotten more complicated in recent months.

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In addition, the statement states that Bron filed for creditor protection before the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Canada and Chapter 15 in the United States. The statement from the co-founder of Bron Studios concludes with a series of thanks to those who supported the company (via Variety):

Thanks to our many friends who have been there to support us. Thank you to the BRON team and our amazing creative, production and commercial partners. Thank you to the many financial production partners and to our corporate sponsors for supporting these many years. Thank you to our various representatives and many service providers for all your support and patience during a very difficult few years at BRON. Your continued support and patience will continue to be critical during this restructuring process and we will continue to keep you informed as we move through this process.

According to the company’s website (via The Wrap), Bron Studios has served as a financial backer, studio management, and co-producing partner for emerging production companies such as Mad Solar, founded by musician Kid Cudiwhich handled the horror hit X- Bron, the Canadian studio behind Joker and Licorice Pizza, files for bankruptcy - The USA Print98% from A24.

Although it has filed for bankruptcy, Bron Studios still has several major projects in development, including the sequel to Joker, Joker: Folie à Deuxstarring Academy Award winners, joaquin phoenix and Lady Gaga; as well as the third installment of Legally Blonde and Robocop Returns, the new installment of the Robocop franchise.

If everything goes as planned, Joker: Folie à Deux will be released in theaters on October 4, 2024. This next installment of DC is once again directed by todd phillips from a script written by himself and scott silver . In mid-June last year, it was revealed that joker 2 It would be a musical, a proposal that at first many fans did not like at all. The cruel criticism of the new genre of the tape quickly became present on social networks, there were even Internet users who, without thinking twice, affirmed that the tape was already a lost case for the simple fact of being a musical.

The hate on the part of many DC fans was even more intense when it was revealed that Lady Gaga she would join the cast of the feature film as Harley Quinn. However, the public began to have more faith in the vision of Phillips And since the first look at the leads in character was shared earlier this year, along with other leaks of set photos, hype for the iconic DC duo’s film is mounting rapidly.

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