Dessert Masters star blasts viewer claims

Dessert Masters star Morgan Hipworth has hit back at claims a shock TV moment was faked.

Viewers were left stunned during the show’s debut episode when a dish ended up going up in flames minutes before judging.

Fans were stunned when Hipworth’s mango lemon cheesecake caught alight after he used freeze spray close to the gas stove.

As a result, some fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to suggest the moment had been “faked” to make for exciting TV.

However, Hipworth has rubbished the suggestions and revealed the truth behind what happened during the shocking moment.

“I feel like as a viewer, you’re always a bit sceptical like, is the time real? And it very much is,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“When my entire dish set on fire with like, 10 minutes to go, I remember looking up and I was kind of like to the producers, what do I do now? I just remember being like, no one’s saying anything, no one’s helping me, s**t, I need to sort something out.”

Hipworth went on to share the reason the gas stove was turned on while he was decorating his dish.

While the moment wasn’t shown on air, he explained: “What happened was, the way you stick the petals down is you have melted chocolate and then you use cool spray to freeze that to the plate so it stays on there.”

“Some of the melted chocolate had dripped onto the edge of the plate so I was just trying to clean that up, and obviously that chocolate set. So I had my gas stove on and I was heating my knife over the gas stove to create a hot knife that would then be able to scrape the chocolate off the plate.

He continued: “So that’s what was happening. I was cleaning up the chocolate on the edge of my plate and then one of my petals fell off, so I grabbed a bit more of the melted chocolate, tried to stick it down, and then that’s when that gas stove was still on because I was trying to do two things at once.”

Sadly for the chef, the disaster happened too close to judging and as a result he was unable to save his dish, ultimately sending him home.

But he’s not bitter, and teased he’d love to return in the future.

“I’ll be honest, looking back at it was a very intense period filming and it was hard and it was hard work trying to come up with the dishes on the spot,” added the star.

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