F1 2023: Hungarian Grand Prix updates – live

Key events

Lap 70/70 Sargeant is retired on the final lap as Hamilton closes to 1.528; can he sneak third? Red Bull and Verstappen, meanwhile, are going to record their 12th and seventh straight wins respectively. They are a joke.

Lap 69/70 Now the gap is below two seconds, 1.7s roughly, and it looks like Hamilton is going to be a lap short of what he needs.

Lap 68/70 Hamilton cuts Perez’s lead to 2.412s and with no back markers in the way, can he snaffle third? I don’t think so, but Perez has lost his pace – perhaps his tyres are jiggered.

Lap 67/70 Perez will know he’s not taxing P2 off Norris, and will be looking over his shoulder at Hamilton, now just 3.244s behind him. I think he’ll hold it down, but you never know…

Lap 66/70 Hamilton is miles ahead of Piastri now, but he’s still 4.035s behind Perez; I can’t see him making up that gap in what’s left of this race, and he’ll rue that start that cost him his podium.

Lap 65/70 Terrific from Russell, who gets a really good position form which attack Sainz and nails him by halfway down the straight! The Mercedes is a different proposition once its fuel has burned down a bit.

Lap 64/70 Norris hasn’t yet made consecutive podiums, but he’s on for that here and has earned the achievement. Russell, meanwhile, attacks Sainz in the knowledge that if he gets by, the five-second penalty might see him finish above Leclerc too.

Lap 63/70 Perez is struggling to get any closer to Norris, the gap still just over 3.5s. Norris is doing a pretty good job.

Lap 62/70 The dominance of Red Bull and Verstappen has become accepted fact so quickly. This win has been disquietingly competent and frictionless.

Lap 61/70 Yup, Perez is at Norris now, 3.628s the difference, while Leclerc, who’ll get a five-second penalty at the end, is just a little more than that ahead of his teammate, Sainz Jr.

Lap 60/70 Verstappen continues stacking seconds, almost 19 of them ahead of Norris … whose lead over Perez is now a mere 3.203s. Tsunoda is also between them, but I doubt it’ll be long before he’s passed and the battle for second us on in earnest.

Lap 59/70 Perez has taken two more seconds off Norris, the gap now 4.512s, but the gap to Hamilton has widened to 12.234. It looks like Perez can snaffle second, but third looks a lock for Nozza.

Lap 58/70 Russell, who started 18th, has driven pretty well to make eighth, and will fancy a hack at Sainz before the chequered flag.

Lap 57/70 As Hamilton’s fuel burns down he’s the fastest man on the track and is just 0.4s behind Piastri now, who can’t resist. DRS gets the former champ in front, helps him streak away, and he’s now 10s behind Perez. He’ll do well to catch him, but it’s not inconceivable.

Lap 56/70 Verstappen scythes through the back markers and Norris, advised that Perez is closing on him, impatiently tells his team that he knows and is doing everything he can. The gap is 6.946s.

  1. Verstappen

  2. Norris

  3. Perez

  4. Piastri

  5. Hamilton

  6. Leclerc

  7. Sainz

  8. Russell

  9. Alonso

  10. Stroll

  11. Albon

  12. Bottas

Lap 55/70 Hamilton will be within striking distance of Piastri in four laps, while Perez will need a couple more to get at Norris. But it feels like both those leading are on borrowed time.

Lap 54/70 Verstappen punishes the fastest lap, the extra point for that surely his. He’s just enjoying a mid-afternoon jaunt and who can blame him? Meantime behind him, Perez takes a second off Norris and Hamilton does likewise to Piastri.

Lap 53/70 Verstappen’s lead is 11.877s and behind him, Norris is 8.249s in front of Perez.

Lap 52/70 Red Bull’s 12 in a row now looks a certainty, Verstappen finished with pitting; failing disaster, we can consider not only this supreme effort, but where it might end. Will any other team win a race this season? Will anyone apart from Verstappen with a race in what’s left of this season?

Lap 51/70 Hamilton might well have the gas to bet by Piastri, who’s fourth, and Norris, who’s second but might struggle to hold of Perez. Ah, and now Verstappen comes in, saving Stroll the indignity of being lapped.

Lap 50/70 Now Hamilton pits, coming out in fifth 7.397s behind Piastri; at some point, Verstappen will have to do likewise, but with a lead of 34.519s it barely matters.

Lap 49/70 Russell is up to eighth now, having pitted a second time, while Hamilton, still out there, will find himself a distant fifth when he stops.

Lap 48/70 Leclerc is penalised five seconds for speeding in the pit lane – maybe they’ll let him take a speed awareness course – and he sits sixth, but his teammate, Sainz Jr, is effectively ahead of him now.

Lap 47/70 Hamilton is now second – “this is a fast as it goes” he tells his team – and his hope of a safety-car situation looks a forlorn one. He’ll pit next time round, I think, having stayed out there for as long as he could, and try to fight his way back to second once again. Meantime, Perez nips in front of Piastri, and holds off the revenge attack.

Lap 46/70 Perez is now 0.6412 behind Piastri, who sets fifth, while Leclerc might’ve gone too quickly in the pit lane; more to follow on that.

Lap 45/70 Now Norris stops, takes some mediums, and is out in 2.1s, emerging in third, while Piastri and Perez were held up by Sainz, unable to use undercut; Perez sets a new fastest lap nonetheless.

Lap 44/70 McLaren might want Norris in now, the track around him clear, but it’s Leclerc, who was fifth, in next, and he’s out again pretty sharply.

  1. Verstappen

  2. Norris

  3. Hamilton

  4. Sainz

  5. Piastri

  6. Perez

  7. Russell

  8. Leclerc

  9. Alonso

  10. Stroll

Lap 43/70 Piastri pits, taking advantage of Hamilton slowing down Perez, Perez stops too, and Hamilton is up to third – for now.

Lap 42/70 Verstappen’s superiority is just ridiculous, his lead 18s, and Perez goes at Hamilton … but Hamilton takes up a great position on the track, his defensive nous enough to see him rinse away – for this lap, at least.

Lap 41/70 Perez relentlessly, remorselessly sticks to Hamilton, but Hamilton closes the door then extends his lead from roughly 0.5s to roughly 0.8s.

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