From ‘Je T’aime…’ To Metoo | Entertainment | The USA Print – THE USA PRINT

From 'Je t'aime...' to Metoo | Entertainment | The USA Print
She was 22 years old, with big pale eyes, heart-shaped lips and an androgynous body that exuded sensuality under a collection of tight T-shirts and flared jeans. He, compliments and the 40, he was still a bad boy and self-conscious about his physique who tried to get over it the traditional way: by sleeping with as many beautiful women as possible. A year after they met, in 1968, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg recorded a duet, Je t’aime… moi non plus , which made the couple the living embodiment of the most chic and sophisticated sexual freedom. The promise of a more playful and exciting life. Half a century after the scandal caused by the murmurs and moans of ecstasy whispered by the actress and singer English, I am afraid that a truck loaded with the joys that we left on the road while we went out in search of great love passed over us.

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