I was attacked by vicious dog… owner’s reaction was even more terrifying

A GIRL was viciously mauled by an English Bulldog during a savage attack which saw her loose chunks of her leg.

But, the horrified 17-year-old was even more shocked when she saw the dog owner’s reaction.

The teen was attacked by her friend's English Bulldog and left in hospital for nine days


The teen was attacked by her friend’s English Bulldog and left in hospital for nine daysCredit: Mirrorpix

Crystal Bates was told the crazy mutt would be set loose on her again if she went to the police, as she sat bleeding in her friend’s house.

The young girl, from Daventry, Northamptonshire had been visiting her pal when their family dog launched its brutal attack – which saw Crystal in hospital for nine days.

Now 22-years-old, the survivor says she still suffers physically and mentally.

She told The Mirror she believed the owners knew there was a problem with their pet, as two stair gates were installed at the door.

“I walked in and turned round to shut the door behind me and as I turned back the dog had got hold of my leg and wouldn’t let go,” said Crystal.

“I don’t think anyone knew what to do.

“I can remember my friend’s mum trying to get the dog off me. There was no way he was getting off. He did lock his jaw.

“But luckily, in the end, I think my friend’s mum had to put her hand into the dog’s mouth and pry the jaw open.”

High on adrenaline following to horrific attack, Crystal was unaware of how bad her injuries were.

But she claimed her mate’s stepdad forced her out into the garden – and refused her an ambulance.

“He told all of us we couldn’t ring the police,” she explained.

“I had to leave the property. So my friend’s mum took me into the back garden and he left the dog in the window barking at me.

“Having just been attacked by that dog, that’s very traumatising.”

To make matters worse, Crystal added the dog owner shouted: “If you ring the police or an ambulance I will let this dog outside and it’ll get you again.”

Sitting in their garden shed, absolutely petrified, the 17-year-old just wanted to go home.

Fortunately, her friend helped her leave and quickly called for an ambulance.

Crystal said: “They put a dirty jumper they found outside on it until the police got there.”


The dog attack victim was unaware how badly she had been bitten at first.

She explained: “It was weird, I was wearing really thin leggings and I thought they would just rip apart.

“There was no holes in my trousers and there was no blood until I went outside – and I could feel a bit of pain.

“I pulled my trousers up and flesh was just there and was bleeding a lot.

“I had so many scars on my leg from the attack, I just thought I don’t want anymore if I could help it.”

She needed two surgeries, but is still left with holes in her leg and permanent nerve damage.

The teen also struggled on crutches for weeks while trying to re-gain muscle.

It has taken years for Crystal to come to terms with the marks left behind, but now she accepts they are part of her.

However, the emotional trauma of such a terrifying event has only increased since having her baby four months ago.

She said: “The mental scars of it have definitely worsened since I had my little boy.

“They are getting worse as I get older.”

Taking her son out in the buggy for a walk can pose problems if there are dogs running around – and the possibility of ever owning one herself has been squashed.


When Crystal was discharged from hospital, she had to deal with the dog owner’s fury as well as her difficult healing process.

Her friend’s stepdad was so angry his dog had been removed by police, he decided to get revenge.

Crystal said: “It was very odd. I get that he was upset at losing his dog.

“About a week after I came out of hospital, he also smashed my stepdad’s car.”

Around six months after the incident the dog was destroyed, and Crystal was awarded £500 compensation after taking the case to court.

But the victim still believes the attack was the owner’s fault, and “didn’t want the dog put down.”

“I had built love for that dog myself,” she added.

“I kept fighting and fighting for them to give it rehab and training and then re-home it.”

However, another woman later came forward and claimed the same dog bit her toddler’s lip – and Crystal is sure another attack would have been inevitable.

There are four breeds of dog banned in the UK at present, but this dog attack victim said: “I don’t understand that. It’s not the breeds that are the problem, in my opinion.

“Some people say this dog has a natural nature to attack, but I don’t really believe that.

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“It’s the person who brings them up from birth that makes the most impact.”

To prevent more disasters, Crystal believes licences for dog owners should become mandatory.

Crystal was left with huge chunks of her leg missing and is still struggling with the mental trauma


Crystal was left with huge chunks of her leg missing and is still struggling with the mental traumaCredit: Mirrorpix

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