Labrador caught guarding his toy against hedge trimmer: “ball is life”

This chocolate Labrador lives by the mantra that “ball is life,” and there is nothing that’s going to stop him from playing with his favorite toy—not even a hedge trimmer.

When Chief’s owner, Charlotte Morris, was trying to tidy up the garden, he made his priorities very clear: playing with his orange ball. Chief didn’t particularly care that his owner was trying to do the gardening, and she simply had to work around him.

“I was tidying up in the garden, cutting the grass and hedges, and I usually throw the ball as I do it, but Chief got impatient,” she told Newsweek.

“He decided to block the way until I threw the ball, even if that meant getting covered in leaves and being very close to the hedge trimmer. This happens a lot when we’re in the garden, he’ll drop the ball in front of the lawnmower or trimmer sometimes.”

Chief the Labrador gets in the way
Chief the chocolate Labrador is pictured sitting in the way while Charlotte Morris tried to tidy the yard. Chief loves playing with his ball, and he’ll do anything to have a game of fetch.

Morris, from Glasgow, Scotland, is accustomed to her Labrador getting in the way when he wants to play with his ball, adding that “he’s very ball motivated.”

The ball goes everywhere with Chief, whether that’s in the yard, on a walk and even when he goes for a swim.

It’s no secret that Labrador retrievers have boundless amounts of energy, which is why the American Kennel Club (AKC) refers to them as enthusiastic athletes who need copious amounts of exercise. One of the best ways to help a Labrador burn up some of that energy is to play endless games of fetch—which Chief would certainly enjoy.

The AKC adds that swimming, running and games of fetch can keep a Labrador physically fit, but they also help to keep the dog mentally fit too. Giving the dog something to chase after can provide the all-important mental stimulation and enrichment.

Morris shared the clip of Chief getting in the way while she tried to clean up the back yard on his dedicated TikTok account (, and she’s been amazed by the positive responses she’s had.

She continued: “The reaction has been positive, and people found the dog’s personalities and their quirks funny. I think people with dogs who also love tennis balls just as much, will appreciate how much ball is life for them.”

Social media users couldn’t fault Chief’s hilarious dedication to his ball, as one person commented: “What a beaut.”

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