Blogger takes on ’30 Parmo challenge’ at popular pub – but could he eat them all?

A food blogger has taken on a mammoth task of trying to eat 30 Parmos in one sitting after taking on a huge eating challenge at a popular Teesside pub.

Kyle Gibson, who goes by the online name of Kyle v Food, took some time considering his latest challenge after he popped into The Ship at Redmarshall last week – where he took on a massive food challenge. 

The Ship, which boasts some of the finest Parmos across Teesside, has so many variations of the Teesside delicacy that it offers 42 varieties for its eating challenge – including a standard one, of course.

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Other flavours of the Parmo include one with doritos in, another several with sausages on, as well as several seafood offerings.

The blogger, who is a self described professional eater on his social media page, immediately selected the challenge of eating 30 ‘mini Parmos’; a tough task for even the strongest of competitors. 

After initially posting a teaser photo on his Facebook page with the caption ‘This was ridiculous. Today I headed to The Ship At Redmarshall to see if I could finish 30 of there mini parmos,” he said that a video would be coming to his site later on. 

And so came the video – and could he eat all 30?

After starting strong by wolfing down numerous Parmos, Kyle v Food started to slow down – and eventually ate an impressive 18 Parmos, which he said was 3.2kg of Parmo.

The blogger is known for his overly sizeable food challenges he takes on, which has seen him do fish and chips, steaks, chicken and numerous other challenges.

You can watch Kyle’s attempt here.

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